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September 26,2016

If you have attended an event put on by Vology, you might have attended Tech Summit, which evolved into EVOLVE Conference & Expo…. see what we did there?  The event was a hit—people learned, connected, and had fun; which was our goal.   After the initial survey, we found out that the majorty in attendance had a great time. EVOLVE had hundreds of leading industry professionals and leading technology manufacturers together to learn and grow within the IT field.  

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May 03,2016

It's pretty safe to say that your business lives and breathes because of Microsoft Office. Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint – these are the core of modern productivity for virtually any size company, doing business in nearly any industry. Sure, there are other programs that you use, but without a doubt the bulk of your company’s work is done using Office. 

So, why do so many companies have a tendency to hesitate when it comes to adopting new versions of Office? Is it the cost? The hassle of installing new software on multiple systems? The idea that “my staff is fine with what we have”?

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March 11,2016

Things are moving faster in the IT world. Every day, faster machines and faster applications hit the market and it’s almost impossible to keep up. Maintaining the level of expertise needed to support all the different technologies and business processes has become more difficult.

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January 29,2016

iSCSI vs. Fibre Channel has been one of the most disputed subjects in storage for at least the last ten years. With both camps firmly planted on opposite sides of the river, it’s almost impossible to get a consensus answer on which standard is better for your business.

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October 29,2015

Need to upgrade your network but don’t have the budget? Vology’s Buy Back Program might be the solution for you.

With the network becoming more important than ever, upgrades to improve its performance, reliability, and security are a necessity. But try explaining that to your CFO.

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September 26,2015


Would you think it strange if your co-worker started walking around with a pager attached to his belt and a palm pilot in his hand? If thoughts of DeLorean and time travel crosses your mind, you are not alone. Those items are so obsolete they deserve a spot next to your collection of VHS tapes.

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August 17,2015

You’ve grown to the point where you need more than 48 ports in a wiring closet, but you’re not sure what your best option is. Should you go with Non-Stacking or Stacking Switches? Or does a modular chassis solution make more sense? In this video, we break down your options and give you some recommendations that should point you in the right direction. Simplicity is the basis of success, so we’re going to try to keep this one simple.

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July 22,2015

Ask a business or technology leader how much downtime their company can tolerate, and they’ll answer “none” almost every single time. But what does “none” actually mean? More importantly, how much will “none” cost?

The fact is, hardware is GOING to fail... and the ways in which a piece of hardware or system can fail is almost endless. Whether it’s a software bug, hardware failure, power outage, environmental issue, a failure in the cable plant or a natural disaster, all of these conspire to disrupt your IT systems and impact your business. Many of these threats can be mitigated, some can’t, and others may be too costly to remediate.. What’s important is that we understand and address what can be mitigated and have a plan of action for the items that cannot be mitigated.

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May 11,2015

Redundancy vs. Resiliency. These two terms are often confused but the simple fact is that you can’t have one without the other and both are critical to designing and deploying a highly available network solution. Why should you care? Failure to understand these two basic principles is the basis of every network outages and performance issue.

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January 27,2015

A network can be hardened against attacks from the outside, and most networking professionals are up to this task. Of course, it’s impossible to eliminate all risk, but the big ones can be accounted for and proactively defended against. With that being said, there remains a single risk that can never be completely mitigated - the humans on your network.

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